Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Indian Economy GK Questions for IAS, SSC, State Civil Services

1. What does Inflation imply? – Rise in general price index
2. When was the decimal system of currency introduced in India? – 1957
3. What is the mean of Cheap Money? – Low Rate of Interest
4. Which bank is the Banker of the Banks? – RBI
5. From where does the National Stock Exchange functions? – Mumbai
6. Which is the oldest ‘stock exchange of India? – Bombay Stock Exchange
7. By which bill does the government make arrangement for the collection of revenues for a year? – Finance Bill
8. If the price of an inferior good falls, what about its demand? – Remains constant
9. In which year was Railway Budget in India separated from general budget? – 1924-25
10. What is the investment in public works? – Capital expenditure
11. With which Economic growth is usually coupled? – Inflation
12. Which is the largest (in terms of turnover) Public Sector organisation in India? – Indian Oil Corporation
13. How is the difference between visible exports and visible imports defined? – Balance of trade
14. Who long do the World Bank and IMF give respectively? – Long term and short term credits
15. Which State produces maximum pulses in the country? – Madhya Pradesh

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