Saturday, 28 January 2017

CA QUIZ 29/01/2017

current affairs one liners 

1. name the Russian ambassador to India recently passed away?

2.which state government announced 100cr fund for fintech startups ?

3.which online portal launched India's first social luxury travel magazine?

4.Name the US emmy award winning actress passed away ?

5.kambala fest a buffalo race celebrated recently by which state?

6.which state ranked first in walnut's cashhless score card?

7.who has been introduced into opthalmology hall of fame?

8.Surface to Surface missile abadeel tested by pakistan. range of missile ?

9.dulari kanya scheme introduced by which state?

10.India rank in transparency corruption Index?


1.Alezander kadakin

2.Andhra pradesh


4.Mary tyler



7. G.N Rao 


9.Arunachal pradesh


                                                                                       CA One liners by ROSY

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